Tacoma Link will not operate this weekend due to track maintenance

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Sound Transit will run free bus service between the Tacoma Dome and Theatre District during weekend closure

Light rail service in Tacoma will not operate Saturday, Feb. 1 through Sunday, Feb. 2 while work crews perform track maintenance south of Union Station. Tacoma Link will resume regular service on Monday, Feb. 3.  

During the two-day closure, Sound Transit will operate free bus service along a route similar to that used by Tacoma Link, on a schedule that mirrors Tacoma Link service.   

The buses will be labeled "Tacoma Link" and will operate northbound to downtown Tacoma and southbound to the Tacoma Dome from these locations:   

Northbound Service to downtown Tacoma:

  • Tacoma Dome Station at East 25th and East D streets
  • Temporary stop South 25th and A streets (across the street from the station platform)
  • Temporary stop at Union Station at Pacific Avenue and South 19th Street (across the street from the station platform)
  • Temporary stop at Convention Center at Pacific Avenue and South 14th Street (one block northeast of the station platform)
  • Commerce Station at Commerce and South 11th streets
  • Theater District Station at Commerce and South 9th streets  

Southbound Service to Tacoma Dome:  

Riders traveling southbound to the Tacoma Dome will board buses at the same locations as northbound stops, except at South 25th Street, where riders will use the South 25th Station.  

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More information on Sound Transit train and bus schedules can be found at soundtransit.org/schedules.