Two key Light Rail bids significantly under Sound Transit Estimates

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Bids opened Thursday for two of Sound Transit's Central Link light rail construction contracts are significantly lower than engineers' estimates.

"The market has spoken. That these bids are approximately 15 percent lower than we estimated demonstrates Sound Transit's upgraded cost estimating methods are sound and effective," said King County Executive Ron Sims, Sound Transit Board chair. "This good news adds to the agency's other accomplishments as we enter the final phase of working to secure the federal funding we need."

The first contract (C700) runs from south of Royal Brougham Way to near South Airport Way. It includes the construction of at-grade and aerial light rail tracks, a station at Lander Street, and connections to Link's Operations and Maintenance Facility, located immediately west of Interstate 5 at the former site of the Rainier Brewery. The second contract (C810) is for building the Operations and Maintenance Facility and a train storage yard on the 25-acre site, including an administrative building and facilities to service and maintain 60 to 100 light rail vehicles.

Sound Transit's engineer's estimate for both projects was $110,880,000. The package containing the apparent low bid, $94,689,061 for both projects by Kiewit Pacific Co., is subject to verification by Sound Transit to ensure the bid is free of errors, complies with the requirements of the solicitation, and the contractor is eligible for award. The selected contractor will not be awarded until the Federal Transit Administration has awarded Sound Transit a full funding grant agreement providing federal funding needed for the project.

"Sound Transit continues its string of successes in 2003," said Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, a Sound Transit Board member. "This is great news for the people of Puget Sound. It means we're getting closer to building light rail and truly making a difference in people's lives."

Bid amounts are attached. C700 bidders (Bid Package No. 1) included Atkinson/Clark, A Joint Venture; Balfour Beatty Construction Company; Inc.; Kiewit Pacific Co.; Mid-Mountain Contractors Inc.; RCI/Herzog, A Joint Venture; and Washington Group International, Inc. C810 bidders (Bid Package No. 2) included Atkinson/Clark, A Joint Venture; Kiewit Pacific Co.; PCL Construction Services, Inc.; RCI/Herzog, A Joint Venture; and Washington Group International, Inc. Three companies also submitted separate, combined bids for both projects (Bid Package No. 3): Atkinson/Clark, A Joint Venture; Kiewit Pacific Co.; and Washington Group International, Inc.

Bid package No. 1
Bid package No. 2
Bid package No. 3

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