Sound Transit's Board of Directors established the Diversity Oversight Committee (DOC) in 2006. The mission of this advisory committee is to report to the CEO and on occasion to the Board of Directors regarding Sound Transit's compliance with the guiding principles for employment and contracting established in Motion No. 17.


The DOC is composed of members from throughout the Sound Transit District, and includes representatives from small business, trade and craft organizations, community organizations in impacted neighborhoods and other such interested parties as deemed appropriate by the CEO. Committee members are independent of Sound Transit, meaning they have no contracts with Sound Transit and no plan to compete for bid on Sound Transit contracts or subcontracts. The committee reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of communities in the Sound Transit District.


Sound Transit's Office of Civil Rights, Equity and Inclusion administers the DOC.

To contact the Office of Civil Rights, Equity and Inclusion, please email civilrights@soundtransit.org.