Employment verification

Find everything you need to know about verifying employment for current and former Sound Transit employees.

Sound Transit has partnered with EmpInfo, an online employment and income verification service, to make it easy for current and former employees to access verification data 24/7.

To use the service, users need to register as a commercial verifier, social verifier, or employee. Free self-service features are available for employees and former employees. However, EmpInfo charges a standard fee for verification requested by other entities, like financial institutions, prospective employers, landlords, etc.

Get started

EmpInfo phone number: 1-800-274-9694

Frequently asked questions

For self-serve options to verify your employment history, visit the EmpInfo employee portal.

You may use this service to:

  • Self-print a Verification of Employment and/or Income.
  • View reports on your requestors.

When you need to provide proof of your employment or income to someone, direct them to www.empinfo.com and make sure they have the following information:

  • Employer name: Sound Transit.
  • Your social security number.
  • For salary/income verification, you’ll also need to provide an authorization code. 

If a verifier requires a phone number for verification or you need to contact customer support, use EmpInfo’s phone number: 1-800-274-9694.

To verify employment history, please visit www.empinfo.com.

You will need the following from the employee or former employee to verify employment:

  • Employer name: Sound Transit.
  • Social security number.
  • For salary/income verification, you also need an authorization code from the individual.

An employee must generate an authorization code through the EmpInfo employee portal to authorize a verifier to access salary information. You can only use the code once. It will expire in 90 days if unused. Employment verification does not require an authorization code.

When an employee provides the authorization code to a verifier, this legally authorizes EmpInfo to release the employee’s income information to the entity using the authorization code.

For completion of PSLF forms, contact the Total Rewards department at totalrewards@soundtransit.org. EmpInfo is not able to process these requests.