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Sound Transit is a centralized publisher of data provided by the transit agencies throughout the region. Issues with data quality often need to be coordinated across agencies to fix effectively and can take some time to implement. Please check the data quality page for what has already been reported and instructions for reporting new ones.

GIS data

GIS data covering ST's rail and bus service, the district boundary and ORCA fare outlets.

GTFS Files by Agency (Modified for Open Transit Data)

September '19 (Current service period)

KCM: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/1_gtfs.zip  
Pierce: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/3_gtfs.zip  
Intercity: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/19_gtfs.zip  
Community Transit: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/29_gtfs.zip  
Sound Transit: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/40_gtfs.zip  
Everett Transit: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/97_gtfs.zip  
Seattle Children's Hospital: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified/98_gtfs.zip

Future (updates and/or next service change)

KCM: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/1_gtfs.zip  
Pierce: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/3_gtfs.zip  
Intercity: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/19_gtfs.zip  
Community Transit: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/29_gtfs.zip  
Sound Transit: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/40_gtfs.zip  
Everett Transit: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/97_gtfs.zip  
Seattle Children's Hospital: http://developer.onebusaway.org/tmp/sound/gtfs/modified_staged/98_gtfs.zip

Consolidated GTFS File Set

Puget Sound GTFS (BETA*)

*Providing a single, merged GTFS file set for the region requires resolving several areas of data overlap. As such, this is still experimental so please proceed with caution. A small number of shapes, routes, stops, and trips conflict across agencies. Those conflicts have been addressed by prepending the agency number + "-" in front of the primary key id to keep it unique.  The trip conflicts are the only ones likely to cause issues, as those trips will not match realtime data without modification. For example, Intercity Transit trip id 1501 after consolidation is now 19_1501.

Any feedback regarding the consolidated feed's usefulness or problems is welcome: Open_Transit_Data@soundtransit.org

OneBusAway data (via API)

The current regional data available for download above is also available via API call to the OneBusAway data engine. See the box in the upper right of the screen for how to request a key. Information about the usage of the OneBusAway API and how to retrieve real-time data can be found here. 

Real Time Data

We support real time trip updates and vehicle positions for the following agency IDs via the OBA API:

1 (King County Metro)
3 (Pierce Transit)
19 (InterCity Transit)
23 (City of Seattle - Streetcar)
40 (Sound Transit)
95 (Washington State Ferries)
97 (Everett Transit)

Sign-up here to receive updates about real-time data. At this time real time information is not available for Sounder or ST Express routes 510, 511, 512 and 513. To access available real-time data you will need to request an API key.