Connecting the region’s businesses with our riders in meaningful ways.

What is the partnership program? 

We see it as a win-win. We invite various businesses to partner with us, which increases the visibility of their brand to the community and, more importantly, potential customers. In turn, you help us improve the rider experience through upgraded amenities, immersive events and system improvements. You can view our Partnership Program document for more information.

Glad you asked. We have several partnership opportunities that you can currently take advantage of and are always looking to collaborate on new and creative ways to engage our riders.  

Overall benefits are brand visibility and exposure, effects on the community, and unique ways to engage with potential customers. Ultimately, the benefit to partnership depends on how you partner. There will almost always be a financial aspect of partnership. However, some partners could provide technology or resources that are not financial but contributes to the larger Sound Transit mission.

Partnership Opportunities


Sound Transit is seeking partners that can provide value to its riders and the greater region through technological innovation, funding for initiatives, and free or discounted rides for promotional exchange. 

We believe that partnerships and sponsorships create incredible opportunities. At Sound Transit, we view partnerships as a mutually beneficial agreement wherein both parties work together to achieve a desired outcome. Sponsorships are a more transactional arrangement in which your company or organization takes temporary ownership of an ST asset for advertising purposes.

If you decide to partner with Sound Transit on an event, your brand will be represented as a positive asset to the community. You can get involved through brand activations, advertising opportunities, premier logo placement and product sampling, to name a few ways. Reach out to for more information on how your brand will be represented for Event Partnerships. 

Sound Transit will use the revenue from partnerships to cover marketing costs, improve facilities or other system features, and serve our riders with the implementation of new initiatives.