Terms of use and privacy notice
Here are our rules and regulations that we can all agree to.

Social media policy

  1. For all Sound Transit social media sites that allow posts, those sites are limited public forums, moderated by Sound Transit staff to ensure content posted by outsides users is appropriate.
  2. Posted content (including comments, photos, links and similar content) must be related to the topic(s) posted by Sound Transit to be considered appropriate.
  3. Inappropriate and prohibited content subject to immediate removal from the site includes content that:
    • Is not topically related to the particular article being commented upon.
    • Promotes or advertises commercial, for-profit services or products.
    • Constitutes prohibited political campaign statements, including comments that endorse or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions (RCW 42.17.130).
    • Is obscene or contains sexual content or links to obscene or sexual content.
    • Includes vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language, personal attacks or unsupported accusations.
    • Discusses or encourages illegal activity.
    • Promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.
    • Provides information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.
    • Violates a legal ownership interest of any other party
  4. All information posted on Sound Transit social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube and LinkedIn is subject to public disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56.