Everything you need to know about parking at Sound Transit

Parking permits

Sound Transit is currently issuing carpool (HOV) parking permits at Northgate Station Garage, Tukwila International Boulevard Station, Angle Lake Station and Sumner Station.

HOV parking spaces are reserved for carpools from 4-10 a.m., but are open to all drivers after 10 a.m. Overnight parkers will need to move from these spots before 4 a.m. The size of the permit area will be adjusted regularly to reflect the number of HOV permits issued.

Apply for HOV permits

The permit parking program at other Sound Transit parking areas remains suspended at this time, but first-come, first-served parking is available at these locations. Sign up for the Sound Transit parking permits email list for future updates to the program.

Carpool parking permits

Carpool parking permits are available free of charge to groups of two or more transit riders who regularly drive together to catch the bus or train. Permits give you access to priority reserved parking areas on weekdays when arriving with two or more transit riders in a vehicle during morning rush hours.

Permit holders, if you park in a carpool area of a Sound Transit park-and-ride lot, you must ride transit from the station that day. You must also travel and park with another member of your carpool or vanpool when you park in the carpool permit parking area. On days when you cannot share a ride to the station, you may not park in the carpool parking area, but you can still park in spots that are open to the public.

Permit applicants must provide basic contact information and ORCA card or Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card numbers for each carpool member. We’re currently not enforcing a required number of rides, but we may give preference to those who ride transit on a regular basis.

  • Angle Lake Station
  • Northgate Station Garage
  • Tukwila International Boulevard Station
  • Sumner Station

Visit our customer portal to apply for a carpool parking permit at these lots.

Permit parking is suspended at the following parking areas, though permitting may resume in the coming months. Sign up for updates to be notified when that happens.

  • Auburn Station
  • Edmonds Station
  • Federal Way Transit Center
  • Issaquah Transit Center
  • Kent Station
  • Lakewood Station
  • Mercer Island Park and Ride lot
  • Mukilteo Station
  • Puyallup Station
  • Tukwila Sounder Station