Building light rail isn't just about moving people from place to place. It's also about building place. That's why Sound Transit prioritizes Transit Oriented Development, or TOD.

TOD is the term for building residential and commercial development directly around transit stations. Transit construction requires Sound Transit to purchase land for building stations, installing track, and for staging. When construction is finished and the project opens, the agency no longer needs some of this land. In May 2018, the Sound Transit Board officially committed the agency to sell extra property to build TOD. Read the full policy here.

Aligning with Sound Transit's larger mission to give everyone in the region the option to choose mass transit, the Board's TOD policy includes mandates to build affordable housing.

Sound Transit's commitment to equitable TOD is evident at existing stations where affordable housing has been built or being built and also in the blueprints of future stations.

When Sound Transit prioritizes equitable TOD, it puts the building blocks in place for more people to live in sustainable, exciting, walkable neighborhoods with direct access to local businesses and community life. Living near transit also means being one traffic-free ride away from larger regional hubs such as Sea-Tac Airport and the University of Washington. By building TOD, we help people reduce time-consuming and costly trips to access jobs, education, culture and opportunity.