East main station

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Located south of the intersection of 112th Avenue Southeast and Main Street, this street-level station provides increased transit access to surrounding residences and businesses. The route travels underground between the East Main and Bellevue Downtown stations.

Travel time: East Main to Northgate - 34 minutes

Station Art

PROJECT: Corridor Fences and Facility Gates
ARTIST: Celeste Cooning (Seattle, WA)
DESCRIPTION: Cooning's artwork for the 112th Ave SE corridor is based on a visual vocabulary of patterns and motifs she invented for the project, using shapes adapted from mid-century modern architecture and textiles. She will apply this vocabulary to the fence separating the corridor's new multi-use path from the light rail tracks, installing clusters of those shapes at selected sites along its length. Like her work for dance performances, Cooning's project will serve as a backdrop for the public as it passes along the length of the tracks in this part of Bellevue.