Tacoma Link 2022 fare proposal

Stay up to date on the Tacoma Link fare proposal, including fare options and next steps.
Tacoma Link light rail vehicle arriving at a station

Setting fare levels on Tacoma Link

Since Tacoma Link's launch in 2003, Sound Transit has provided fare-free light rail service between the Tacoma Dome and the downtown Theater District, thanks in part to a fare subsidy agreement with the Downtown Tacoma Partnership. In 2016 the Sound Transit Board directed staff to develop a fare proposal that would take effect when Tacoma Link expanded service beyond downtown. We're now less than a year away from that exciting milestone. The Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension will add 2.4 miles to the route and six new stations in the Stadium District and Hilltop neighborhood.

Next steps

Community feedback on two fare options was collected from June 23 – July 25 2021. Option 1 is similar to Pierce Transit’s fares for adult, youth, seniors and passengers with disabilities. Option 2 aligns with Sound Transit's lowest fares on our existing Link light rail service. Both options propose a $1.50 ORCA LIFT fare for low-income adults, which applies across all of Sound Transit's bus and train services.

This feedback, and staff recommendations, will be presented to the Sound Transit Board of Directors in November 2021. If approved by the Board, fare collection would begin with the opening of expanded Tacoma Link service, currently planned for May of 2022.

Tacoma Link fare options


Option 1

Option 2

Adult (age 19-64) $2.00 $2.25
Low-income adult (ORCA LIFT) $1.50 $1.50
Youth (age 6-18) $1.00 $1.50
Senior/Disabled (age 65+ or qualifying disability) $1.00 $1.00