West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions route map.


The West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions provide fast, reliable light rail connections to dense residential and job centers while the new Downtown Seattle Light Rail Tunnel provides capacity for the entire regional system to operate efficiently.

Per the voter-approved Sound Transit 3 (ST3) plan, the representative project for the West Seattle Link Extension builds light rail from West Seattle's Alaska Junction neighborhood to downtown Seattle primarily on an elevated guideway with a new rail-only fixed span crossing of the Duwamish River. The extension connects to existing Link service, continuing north to Lynnwood and Everett.

The representative projects for the Ballard Link Extension and downtown Seattle Light Rail Tunnel build light rail from Ballard's Market Street area through downtown Seattle both tunneled and elevated, and a rail-only movable bridge over Salmon Bay. These connect to existing Link service in Seattle's International District, continuing south to Tacoma.


  • Length:
    • Ballard and Downtown Tunnel: 7.1 miles
    • West Seattle to Downtown Seattle: 4.7 miles
  • Stations:
    • 14 stations (10 new and 4 expanded)

Learn about the Level 3 "end-to-end" options.

Since the project's kick-off, we've been collecting public feedback to develop, study and narrow down alternatives. The alternatives development process for this project consists of three phases. Level 3 evaluation includes three end-to-end alternatives, plus a few design options.

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