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West Seattle/Ballard project updates

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The West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions will provide fast, reliable light rail connections to dense residential and job centers throughout the region. In addition, a new downtown Seattle light rail tunnel will provide capacity for the entire regional system to operate efficiently. These two separate light rail extensions are part of the regional ST3 package that voters approved funding for in November 2016.

  • 2030 - West Seattle to downtown
    • Adds 4.7 miles of light rail service from downtown Seattle to West Seattle's Alaska Junction neighborhood.
    • Includes 5 stations between the Stadium area and Alaska Junction.
  • 2035 - Ballard to downtown
    • Adds 7.1 miles of light rail service from downtown Seattle to Ballard, including a new downtown Seattle rail-only tunnel.
    • Includes 9 stations between International District/Chinatown and NW Market Street in Ballard.

Current project status

In May 2019, the Sound Transit Board identified preferred alternatives and other alternatives to study in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Board also directed project staff to conduct an initial assessment of additional alternatives that were suggested during the last scoping period to establish whether further detailed study in the Draft EIS is appropriate.

Results of this initial assessment are now available. Review and comment on the results by Oct. 4, 2019 when public feedback will be summarized for consideration by the Sound Transit Board. The Board will meet in October to identify if any of these additional alternatives will advance to the Draft EIS for further study.

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