Regional transit history 2008


2008: Sound Transit 2

After the defeat of the November 2007 Roads and Transit ballot measure, the Sound Transit Board reviewed the Sound Transit 2 plan and developed a revision to be submitted to the voters as a transit-only ballot measure.

On Nov. 4, 2008, voters of the Central Puget Sound region approved the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure to provide an alternative to rising gas prices and greenhouse gas emissions. The plan adds regional express bus and commuter rail service while building 36 additional miles of light rail to form a 55-mile regional system.

Sound Transit will deliver this program between 2009 and 2023. Sound Transit 2 projects will be brought into service after they undergo planning, environmental review, preliminary engineering, property acquisition, final design, construction, startup and testing. New service will be phased in over several years, beginning with increased ST Express bus service beginning in 2009. All of the projects are scheduled to be completed by 2023. The plan includes improved access and parking throughout the region. In some places, parking will be added. In others, people will have improved access to transit through local bus feeder service, bike facilities and better pedestrian access. Sound Transit will work with local communities to determine the best solutions for each.

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Feb 2008: Sound Transit Board seeks public input on options for expanding transit

A survey and outreach effort is begun to help decide how best to tackle increasingly poor commuting conditions with the right expansions of regional light rail, commuter rail and express bus service and infrastructure.

July 2008: Sound Transit Board approves placing a 15-year mass transit package on the November ballot.

The plan rapidly increases express bus and commuter rail service and creates a 53-mile regional light rail system.

November 2008: Voters of the Central Puget Sound region approve the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure

The plan includes:

  • Express bus expansions: 17% increase in bus service beginning in 2009
  • More commuter rail service: 65% more Tacoma-Seattle commuter rail capacity
  • Expanded light rail system: 36 new miles, creating a 55-mile light rail regional system
  • Easier access for transit riders: Improves access and parking throughout the region


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