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Lynnwood Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Sound Transit and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) have published the Lynnwood Link Extension Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for public, agency and tribal review and comment. The DEIS evaluates light rail route and station alternatives and describes the project's potential effects on the environment, nearby properties and transportation, as well as other impacts. The 60-day extended comment period ended September 23, 2013.

Sound Transit and FTA hosted four open house/public hearings in August 2013.

Wednesday, August 14 - Mountlake Terrace
Tuesday, August 20 - Seattle
Wednesday, August 21, Lynnwood
Thursday, August 22 - Shoreline

Copies of the DEIS:
Hard copies of the DEIS are available for $25.00. The Summary and a CD including the DEIS, appendices and technical reports are available at no charge. Please contact Lauren Swift for copies at 206/398-5301 or

Documents in .pdf format require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Reader's Guide to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (2 MB)


Fact Sheet and Table of Contents (2.4 MB)

Executive Summary (1.9 MB)

Chapters 1-3: Purpose and Need; Alternatives Considered; Transportation Impacts and Mitigation (4.6 MB)

Chapter 4: Environmental Impacts and Mitigation (8.0 MB)

Chapters 5-6: Evaluation of Alternatives; Public Involvement (632 KB)


Appendices A-E: Index; Glossary; Environmental Justice Analysis; Section 4(f)/Section 6(f) Correspondence; List of Preparers (3.1 MB)

Appendix F: Conceptual Plans

Appendices G-H:  Visual Simulations and Illustrations; Other Projects and Actions Considered in Cumulative Effects (6.1 MB)

Appendix I: Chapter 4 Supporting Information on Affected Environment and Environmental Impacts* (6.8 MB)

Appendix J: References (130 KB)

Appendix K: Supporting Documents

Appendices L-M:  Public Involvement and Agency Coordination*; Distribution List (561 KB)

Technical Reports*

Cultural, Archaeological, and Historic Resources (10.9 MB)

Ecosystem Resources (13.6 MB)

Noise and Vibration

Transportation (11.4 MB)

*Printed versions are available on request for the cost of reproduction.