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About LifeSTyle

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No more boring weekends

LifeSTyle is your comprehensive guide around the Sound, a one-stop shop for all of the region’s happenings, big and small, and your connection to restaurants, events, games, shows and everything in between. 

We are part-time travel agent, part-time concierge, full-time fun. 

At LifeSTyle you will find special discounts, ticket giveaways, a comprehensive events calendar and recommendations pointing you to the iconic local eats, undiscovered trails, unique experiences and community gatherings that make this region so special. 

But instead of dealing with traffic, parking and greenhouse gas emissions by driving, everything you find on LifeSTyle, from the recommended trips to our coveted giveaways, is accessible by Sound Transit services. 
So ditch the keys, grab your ORCA card and let’s embark on your next adventure. 

How it works

By signing up for LifeSTyle, you are automatically entered into our giveaway drawings. We have partnered with some of the biggest event venues and an eclectic mix of local organizations to provide a unique mix of offerings across the region. 

Concerts and games? LifeSTyle has it. 

Museums and art galleries? LifeSTyle has it. 

Bespoke poetry readings? LifeSTyle has it. 

Bike meet ups? LifeSTyle has it. 

You will also receive a weekly email with recommendations, planned trips and upcoming events.  

Follow @soundtransit for more unique content and recommendations.

Our partners

Logos for Second City Chamber Series, Washington State History Museum, Everett Silvertips, Seattle Theatre Group.

This project is powered by contributions from our partners.  

If you would like to partner with Sound Transit on the LifeSTyle project, email your proposal to We will respond to your inquiry within three (3) business days. Please review our Guidelines for LifeSTyle before submitting.