A customer selects from a large array of colorful dress hats lined on the wall.

Black-owned businesses you can support this February (and year-round!)

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From Tacoma to Everett, our region is full of incredible Black entrepreneurs and small business owners that help shape our communities.

We are highlighting them during Black History Month, but make sure to visit and support throughout the rest of the year!  

Here's a list of few that are within a mile of Sound Transit stations and stops. 

Dine in STyle 

Fish House Cafe owners embrace in front of the counter

The Comfort Zone
3642 33rd Ave S - 0.6 miles from Mt. Baker Station
5016 Rainier Ave S  - 0.5 miles from Columbia City Station

The walkway leading to the storefront of The Comfort Zone featuring a mural of a smiling Black woman.
We stopped by The Comfort Zone on a gray, Seattle day. This location can be hard to find, but it is located within The Royal Esquire Club.

The Comfort Zone is a soul food heaven run by a mother and daughter team. With two locations in south Seattle, their menu is traditionally Southern and celebrates generations of culinary heritage.

From their crispy fried chicken to tender smothered pork chops, each dish brings as much comfort as the warm hospitality and service provided by the staff. We stopped by their location attached to The Royal Esquire Club on Columbia Rainier Ave. 

Lil Red Takeout and Catering 
4225 Rainier Ave S  - 0.5 miles from Colombia City Station

Lil Red Takeout is low on frills, high on flavor. Like, really high on flavor. Lil Red Takeout and Catering was recently named one of the top 20 best Black-owned barbecue joints in the country by Adrian Miller in the book, "Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue."

Yes, this South Seattle landmark may be unassuming from the outside, but trust us, the oxtail and brisket will have you coming back again and again and again. When we stopped by, the outside was under construction and they were temporarily closed, but we were reassured by the folks working that this is temporary.  

Island Soul Rum and Soul Shack 
4869 Rainier Ave S - 0.4 miles from Columbia City Station

This Caribbean inspired soul food restaurant has been serving up plates of deliciousness for almost 17 years in Seattle. Combining the flavors of the Caribbean with the Louisiana Bayou has created uniquely inviting dishes.

It is said that food brings people together – and that ethos is shared through everything that Island Soul does. Their food is tasty. Their space is welcoming. And their culinary creativity is out of this world. They are not open for lunch, so make sure to stop by for a dinner treat! 

Baked from the Heart 
2801 S Hanford St - 0.2 miles from Mt. Baker Station

Across the street from Franklin High School sits one of Seattle’s sweetest shops. Baked From the Hart sits just out of eye’s view, but your nose will notice it right away. The aromas dance into the street and will have you wondering, “Am I… hungry?”

The owner, Bill Hart, has been baking pies since 1971, and 62 years later, he and his daughter are still serving up sweet and savory recipes. It is a small shop, but they have plenty of pies on hand - so ordering in advance is not necessary. Also, the parking is very limited around here, and while we are biased, we strongly recommend taking light rail and walking to this location if you are able. 

The outside storefront of Baked from the Hart
When we stopped by, we tried the Sweet Bean and Pecan pies. Absolutely fantastic!

Black Coffee Northwest 
9600 College Way N. - 0.9 miles from Northgate Station

Black Coffee NW is so much more than a coffee shop. They describe themselves as “a gathering space, [...] a place where people meet, cultivate relationships, and develop new ideas." And ain’t that the truth! If you stop into their North Seattle College location, you can feel the energy from the students as you sink into some work, a good book or look for new connections. 

One reason Black Coffee NW has become a pillar of the community is not grounded (see what we did there) in their amazing brew, but in how they engage the community. Black Coffee Northwest hosts a 8-week internship program for youth and young adults ages 10 to 22 to participate in weekly skills-training classes, on-site barista training, and job internships with local businesses. Participants have the option to serve as a barista or social justice intern. The core program mission is to support and encourage youth and young adults during their internship to build confidence and prepare them for the workplace.

In addition to their core business services, Black Coffee Northwest (BCNW) serves as a community hub for local Black small business owners, community leaders and activists, and educators to come together, which is central to the BCNW mission and values.  

You also get extra credit if you listen to their Podcast, Grounded Conversations, during your commute or study session. 

Black Coffee NW has been a supporter of Sound Transit for years. They passed out coffee for the Northgate opening preview ride.
Black Coffee NW has been a supporter of Sound Transit for years. Here they are at the Northgate opening providing free coffee.

Lew’s BBQ 
2703 Pacific Ave - 0.4 miles from Everett Station
Accessible by ST Express 512

Up in Everett, next to a small, non-descript building, sits a smoker converted from an old trailer. This humble contraption just happens to produce some of the finest Barbecue in the Pacific Northwest.

Pair that with a down-to-earth homestyle atmosphere and you have an authentic Southern experience right here in Everett. But if you come, bring an appetite. They do not mess around at Lew’s. Their portions are big, their meat falls from the bone and stop in on the right day – and you just might get a taste of Lew’s seasonal gumbo or chili. 
The Fish House Café 
1814 M.L.K. Jr Way  - 0.1 miles from St Joseph Station

At the T Line’s last stop sits a house. But not just any house – this is The Fish House Café. Family owned and locally renowned, this iconic eatery has it all: a whimsical façade, neighborhood roots and out of this world seafood.

To be the “best” fish n’ chips in a region known for its high-quality fish (just ask the mongers down at Pike Place), it takes something special. Or maybe, it takes something simple. Doing something well – and doing it a lot. That is the exact formula that Fish House Café has used to become a go-to lunch spot for the hospital workers and small business owners in Tacoma. 

Fish House Cafe deep fried fish served on a platter.
With the newly opened T-Line, folks in Hilltop and Stadium District alike can now get to Fish House Cafe for a mid-week lunch.

Entertain In STyle 

WOW – Wonderofwomen 
600 Pine St. - 0.1 miles from Westlake Station 

Intentionally Black spaces are rare in Seattle. Intentionally Black Women spaces are even more rare. WOW saw a gap for an underserved population and created "a movement organized to inspire Black women and girls to find their voice; stand in their truth and celebrate their wonder by telling their story."

They have a retail space in their storefront with apparel, wines and a selection of prints. WOW also frequently hosts events like Black History Soirees, Happy Hours and more. And if you have an idea for an event – you can submit an application to use their space.  

Connect in STyle 

Mr. Mac’s Ltd. 
1124 MLK Jr. Way  - 0.1 miles from Hilltop District Station.

When you think of Hilltop, you think of Mr. Mac’s. Established over 60 years ago, Mr. Mac’s has been supplying the South Sound with the best outfits and accessories and has kept Tacoma looking “STylish."

From the street, you can see snazzy suits, colorful ties and of course, the great wall of hats. In the store, you can find helpful staff, warm smiles and probably your next outfit. After a period of uncertainty following Mr. Mac’s passing in 2017, the shop is back open 6 days a week thanks to the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance purchasing the business and keeping it afloat. The best part? Some of the revenue from the stores will be used to give out youth scholarships in Tacoma.   

A customer selects from a large array of colorful dress hats lined on the wall.
No matter the occasion, Mr. Mac's will have you standing out!

ETC. Tacoma 
116 S 9th St, Tacoma  - 0.2 miles from Old City Hall Station

If Mr. Mac’s embodies the history of Tacoma, then ETC. Tacoma is the future. ETC. Tacoma is a lifestyle brand that focuses on community engagement and high quality products. They have collaborated with the likes of Travis Thompson, Curran Coffee and The Peace Bus to create authentic, eye-catching pieces. But don’t expect to walk in to ETC Tacoma to get “off the rack” apparel. Their specialty is rarities and unique pieces - you can go to the Tacoma Mall for your other clothing needs (or Mr. Mac’s if it is a special occasion!) 

If you know of a Black-owned business near a station or stop that wasn’t featured here, let us know! Send an email to lifestyle@soundtransit.org or tag us on social media @SoundTransit with the listing and we will make sure to add them.