Art by Ellen Forney on the wall of Capitol Hill Station shows two pinkies linking on a red background

Fun and free spots in the Capitol Hill neighborhood

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What’s better than a sunny (or even a rainy) day on Capitol Hill?... A day full of FREE activities!  

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the entire country, and sometimes we pay a premium for that. 

So if you're looking to conserve cash and still have a fun adventure, hop on the 1 Line to Capitol Hill Station! It's the green, sustainable way to go, and you'll save some green on gas and parking.  

Here are some activities to try, all within a mile of the station:

Browse bookshelves and meet furry friends  

A block from the Capitol Hill light rail station, nestled on the corner of East Denny Way and Harvard Avenue, is an illuminated neon sign with a cat sitting on (or reading, depending on your imagination) a book; a perfect encapsulation of Twice Sold Tales. Converted from a former doctor’s office in 2008, today the store is packed with thousands of used books and four furry feline employees (Lily, Buster, Screamer and James) to help you browse, buy, or simply put a smile on your face.  

Picnic with a Seattle Icon  

Who wouldn’t want to have lunch with a rockstar (even if he’s in statue form)? Now’s your chance! Swing by the Jimi Hendrix statue at 1604 Broadway. If it’s a rare, nice day or even a classic grey one, grab some snacks from home and find a spot in Cal Anderson Park to take a second and enjoy your surroundings; maybe even put on a little "Purple Haze."

Keep an eye out for a Little Free Library  

Scattered throughout the Capitol Hill neighborhood are 30+ book-filled boxes of various shapes and sizes. Each uniquely crafted Little Free Library follows the same philosophy; take a book, share a book. Peruse the Capitol Hill streets and if you happen to come across a Little Free Library, feel welcome to scan over the collection, snag one that sticks out, or add to the selection by donating a book.  

Take an (art) walk  

Every second Thursday evening of the month, the Capitol Hill Art Walk connects attendees with vibrant artists throughout the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Explore a range of art, meet new people, connect with old friends, and discover something new every month!   

Visit a Victorian-style greenhouse  

Exactly one mile from the Capitol Hill station sits a Seattle landmark. Made up of 3,426 glass panes built into a framework of wood and iron, the Volunteer Park Conservatory is home to a one-of-a-kind collection of desert and tropical plants- a true living, breathing museum! Take the journey through Volunteer Park and make your way to the north end of the park to see the tree lined promenade for yourself.  

*Free on the first Thursday and Saturday of the month. 

Pick up the mic or grab a seat at Hugo House  

Enter a new literary universe just steps away from Cal Anderson Park. On the first and third Monday of every month, Hugo House holds its Work in Progress open mic series where people of all backgrounds and experiences come together to share their poems, works of fiction, essays, memoirs, plays, music, comedy, and much more. Grab a seat to listen in or, if you’re willing and inspired, put your name down and grab the mic to share your own creative reading!   

A map shows Capitol Hill Station and the relative locations of Twice Sold Tales, Hugo House, Cal Anderson Park, and Volunteer Park.

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