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2 Line transit safety video contest: the results are in!

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Ahead of our 2 Line opening on April 27, Sound Transit partnered with Move Redmond to host a safety video contest for K-12 students in Bellevue and Redmond. The video contest allowed students to show their community how to stay safe around trains and tracks.

Move Redmond works to achieve a more accessible and inclusive Redmond through its streets, trails, and transit. For over 30 years, Move Redmond has worked to make it easier to reach the opportunities in Redmond by walking, biking, or transit.   

Students in Bellevue and Lake Washington school districts submitted a vertical format video on the theme: Practicing Safe Habits around Light Rail! 

A panel of judges made up of Deputy Chief of Staff for King County Council Chair Claudia Balducci Blake Trask, City of Redmond Senior Transportation Planner Francesca Liburdy, Sound Transit Chief Safety Officer Branden Porter, and Move Redmond Communications & Community Engagement Manager Maritza Lauriano deliberated to determine the winners of the contest. 

Some of the students’ artwork will be featured on Sound Transit and Move Redmond’s Instagram accounts. 

Winner: Grades K-5

Guaransh C. 2nd grade

“I created a video to share important safety tips for everyone to stay safe around the light rail. In my video, I emphasize the importance of looking both ways before crossing, being alert near the light rail, using crosswalks instead of shortcuts, staying behind the yellow line, and being cautious while biking near the tracks. My aim is to inspire my peers to become safety champions and make smart choices when interacting with the light rail system. Through this video my goal is to promote a culture of safety and awareness in our community, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of public transportation safely.”

Winners: Grades 6-8  

Auna L. 6th grade

“Hello, I am Auna L. and I am 12. I have been making art (fingerpainting) since I was 6 months old, and I made this entry because I want to let people know my skill level and potentially help me build my portfolio for CalArts! CalArts is the place where highly skilled artists go to learn how to animate/do other art things. I’m hoping to go there to learn how to animate for Disney! In this short film explaining safety near the Sound Transit light rail, I made a puppet (Muppet inspired), a felt doll, and backgrounds based on the world of GRANNAY and Grappay. GRANNAY and Grappay are original characters me and my friend made up years ago and kind of forgot about, but I saw a drawing we made of them and got inspired to make this. GRANNAY and Grappay are both old grandparents. GRANNAY, the stubborn light rail rider, gets guided by 'grand Grappay' as this is her first time traveling on a light rail. Grand Grappay explains the safety steps and guides her along as she enhances her understanding of the importance of rules. I hope you enjoy the little short film I made. Thank you!”

Derek L. 7th grade

“Inspired by the 1 line, my video shows how doing certain things can be dangerous around light rail. The video shows how safety is very important around light rail trains.”

Winner: Grades 9-12

Eliana A. 10th grade 

“I created my video using Pictory, a tool that lets you turn any content into shareable royalty-free videos with music and text captions. I wanted to raise awareness about the importance of safety in and around transportation, especially for young people. I wrote a script with catchy phrases and reminders on how to travel safely and avoid accidents, such as taking crosswalks, staying behind the yellow line, and biking smart. I used Pictory to transform my script into a video with matching footage and music that creates a sense of fun and urgency. My video aims to inspire viewers to be more careful and responsible when they travel, and to appreciate the value of life.” 

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