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A Link train is wrapped in an advertisement that reads: "Care for all. Hate for none. All aboard."
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Look out for “All Aboard” campaign materials on a train or bus near you.

All aboard: Care for all. Hate for none.

Sound Transit launches new campaign to help all passengers feel welcome and safe.

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Keeping you safe on board has been a Sound Transit value from the beginning – and an even stronger focus over the past year.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been working together to keep each other safe.

All people are welcome on trains and buses. Hate and harassment are not.

Thank you for using our security, customer service and social media channels to report unsanitary conditions, mask non-compliance and other concerns.

But we know that safety is much more than a physical feeling. To ride confidently, psychological safety is just as important. 

Today, Sound Transit is launching a new rider campaign called “All Aboard,” with a tagline “Care for all. Hate for none.”

A collage of images showing faces and figures depicted in various shades of brown. Text reads "All aboard."
Through the tagline and inclusive imagery depicted in a range of skin tones, this campaign amplifies our belief that transit is for everyone.

Four years ago, we launched a “Hate-free Zone” campaign that ran through 2019, including social media, onboard signage and other applications.

It’s time to update and amplify those messages.

Soon, you will see our buses and trains wrapped in the “All Aboard” message.

A Sound Transit double decker bus is wrapped in an advertisement stating "All Aboard. Care for All. Hate for none."

Last year, we saw hate directed at Asian Americans and Black Americans across the country. Locally, community-created murals were vandalized in suspected acts of racism.

We want this new “All Aboard” campaign to address acts of racism and harassment, and to help all riders feel welcome and supported while using our service.

(By way of context, we received 11 reports of harassment on our system over the past two years.)

And we want riders to know what steps they can take if they feel unsafe or if they experience or witness harassment.

Our security desk is staffed 24/7. Riders should feel free to call or text with any safety concerns:


As always, call 911 in an emergency.

Look out for “All Aboard” campaign materials on a train or bus near you.

We are also producing this campaign in multiple languages, and will produce several videos for social media.

Please, continue to ride safely. We're all better when we're all on board. 

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