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Photos of U District, Roosevelt and Northgate Stations with confetti and text reading 'Celebrate the 1 year anniversary!'

Celebrating one year of new 1 Line connections

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Can you believe it has been almost one year since the opening of the U District, Roosevelt and Northgate stations? 

These new 1 Line stations opened on Oct. 2, 2021, and have changed the game for our region - adding more connections, more options and a more reliable, affordable way to get around. 

Since then, over 5 million passengers have boarded Link light rail at the three new stations. Approximately half (over 2.5 million) of those boardings have been at Northgate Station alone.

Photo of Sound Transit employees cutting a teal blue ribbon at Northgate Station opening for 1 Line, Northgate Link Extension
Throwback to opening weekend last year.

Ridership is rebounding as we add connections. In fact, we got close to our highest ridership date ever on July 21 of this year with 107,000 boardings. (The record was 108,000 boardings on Oct. 3, 2019). 

From commuters to tourists, sports fans to concert go-ers, and just anyone wanting to avoid traffic, it's been fun to see you all onboard this past year. 

And if you happen to come by the stations on mornings this week, you may find some surprises - giveaways, treats, activities, music and more. 

A sign says 'Celebrating the 1 line anniversary' and 'Selfie Station.'
A little surprise for commuters at U District Station this morning. (We also had pastries provided by local businesses!)

Northgate Station surpassed Westlake Station as Link’s highest ridership station in its very first month (October 2021), and has remained highest for all but two of the months since then.

U District Station is now Link’s third-highest ridership station behind Northgate and Westlake, followed closely by Capitol Hill.

Approximately 10,000 passengers currently board Link at Northgate station on an average weekday.

aerial drone photo of Northgate Station
Fall beauty at Northgate Station.

One of our favorite accounts comes from an op-ed in the Lynnwood Times titled "Northgate Station opening windows of opportunity."

The extension has presented itself not only as a viable, affordable, mode of getting from one location to the next, it has become my preferred method of travel.

"Suddenly the city seems more open than ever," it reads, noting the new closeness to shopping at Westlake, attending events at the Convention Center, eating in Chinatown/International District and riding with fans to catch a game. 

What are your favorite memories of opening day or of the first year of service for the new stations? How have they changed the way you travel? Find us on social media @SoundTransit and let us know! 

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