Stay safe around train tracks

Don't play games with your life: stay safe around train tracks

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(Editor's note: The image above is a photo illustration, not real life.)

Playing games can be fun, but you shouldn’t play games with your life. Here are a few things to remember so you can stay safe around Link and Sounder trains:

Be alert

  • Whenever you’re by tracks, make sure you remove headphones and stay off your cellphone. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Trains may come from either direction

  • Just because one train has passed doesn’t mean you’re safe. Always look both ways before crossing at legal crossings.

Always use crosswalks and obey traffic signals and crossing gates

  • Trains always have the right of way. It’s difficult to judge how far away a train is and how fast it’s going, so you should never walk around or under rail crossing gates. 

Tracks are for trains, not people 

  • Do not walk, play or take photos on the tracks. You may think that you’ll hear trains coming, but you won’t. Trains move fast.

Trespassing is illegal

  • Taking a shortcut over the tracks is illegal. Police patrol the tracks and will hand out tickets if you are caught. Only cross at designated crossings, including beaches. 
Stay safe around train tracks

Unlike a video game, you don’t have extra lives so live to play another day by being smart and safe around trains and tracks.