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Going to the game? Here are 4 tips for taking transit

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When you're a sports fan, the only real downside of going to a game is the traffic getting there and home. Taking transit makes it easy to get to the game without having to deal with parking. Here are some tips to make your game day a win!

  1. Riding is easy with ORCA. An ORCA card has a one-time fee of $5 and, after adding a pass or e-purse value, let's you skip the ticketing lines on game day. You can get your ORCA card from ticket vending machines at Link light rail stations, Sounder stations and online. Purchase your card before the season, add your value and you're ready to go. Learn more about ORCA.
    • If you're a Husky football season ticket holder and take Link from Tukwila International Boulevard Station, you'll need about $45 on your e-purse for the season.
    • If you're a Seahawks season ticket holder and take Link from UW Station to the stadium, you'll need about $50 on your e-purse for the season.
    • If you're a Seahawks season ticket holder and take special Sounder service from Everett to the game, you'll need about $50 on your e-purse for the season.
    • You can figure out the exact fares you'll need for your trip by looking up your fare for Link and Sounder.
  2. Don't forget to tap on and off. Both Link light rail and Sounder fares are based on how far you travel. Tap your ORCA card on the yellow card reader when you get to the station and tap off when you reach your destination. so you aren't charged for going farther than you actually did.
  3. Allow extra time to get to the stations and platforms. Game day Link and special Sounder trains are a popular way to travel to games. Parking lots can fill up and platforms can be crowded. Use your ORCA card to avoid lines at the ticket vending machines and arrive early to ensure you catch the train.
  4. Purchase tickets in advance for Sounder to the Seahawks. If you are a Seahawks fan and haven't had a chance to purchase your ORCA card yet, you can still avoid the ticketing line on game day. You can take Sounder to five games this season and purchase your tickets in advance at any of the ticket vending machines at the stations. 

Don't have an ORCA card yet? Avoid ticket vending machine lines by buying tickets through King County Metro Transit's mobile ticket app Transit GO Ticket.

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