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Rider survey now happening three times a year

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Over the past few years, Sound Transit has conducted an annual Passenger Experience Survey.

To help keep our priorities in line with our riders, we’re conducting these surveys three times a year – every spring, summer and fall.

The surveys ask riders to grade us across five broad categories: whether our service is clean, safe, available, dependable, and provides the information you need.

Our summer survey is open now through Sept. 14.

We hope you will take the time to respond to the survey here.

We also assess the relative importance of the survey categories to you, so we know where to prioritize improvements.

Previous survey results

More than 6800 riders completed our spring 2022 Passenger Experience Survey. Here is what we learned and how it compares to results from 2021: 

  • Compared to 2021, the overall grade you gave us dropped from a B+ to a B.
  • Of the five main categories in the survey, safety and cleanliness are now the most important to you, which is different from last year.
  • You have generally positive feelings about our security staff, but worry more than you used to about the behavior of other passengers.
  • You expressed more concern about the cleanliness of stations and stops and the maintenance of our facilities.
  • Most of you recommend Sound Transit to friends and family, primarily because it is so convenient.
  • You still sometimes find it difficult to get the information you need about delays and disruptions quickly and accurately.
  • You find our staff to be very courteous and somewhat helpful.

As a result of this feedback, teams around the agency are convening to discuss how to improve safety, cleanliness, and the quality of information we give onboard our system.

We are committed to improving your satisfaction as a rider, as well as improving our Passenger Experience Survey. Things change fast these days, and it can be hard to take action on old data.

That’s why we’re now conducting the surveys three times a year. This will allow us to hear from riders more often and will give us a more well-rounded picture of how you feel throughout the year.  

We hope you’ll take the time when you can to respond to our Passenger Experience Survey throughout the year.

And thank you for riding!

Link to survey.

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