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A Link train pulls into Othello Station.

Join Sound Transit and Rainier Valley partners as we explore new safety measures through the valley

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Sound Transit has heard from organizations and individuals in the Rainier Valley about train safety concerns around our stations in the Mt. Baker, Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach neighborhoods.

Safety is Sound Transit’s top priority, and we are constantly examining ways to ensure our system is as safe as possible. 

We want to expand this outreach as we take the next steps to research changes to our train bell volumes, investigate potential new warning signals at stations and other measures along the line.

Most importantly, we want to be responsive to our neighbors along the MLK corridor and keep you up to date on all the upcoming efforts coming your way. 

Please sign up for our new Rainier Valley email list if you would like to hear from Sound Transit directly about these next steps. 

Louder train bells at stations and crossings 

Starting in Fall 2022, 1 Line trains will deploy louder bells during the daytime hours as they approach Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach stations and all crossings in the Rainier Valley.  

This 6 month pilot project is part of the ongoing work to enhance safety along the corridor.  

Have you already noticed the change? We want to hear your feedback on the changes in bell volume. Take our survey and let us know if you’ve consider the increased volume an effective way of getting the attention of pedestrians and drivers. 

Ongoing safety work 

Please sign up for the new Rainier Valley email list and join us as we continue our work to make this vital train line as safe as possible for all.   

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