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Q: What are bus reliability improvements?

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When the Sound Transit Board approved the 2016 Service Implementation Plan (SIP) (here's an overview) last week, it included improved reliability for some ST Express bus routes. Here we explain what that means.

Q: The SIP says my route will get investments in improved reliability and on-time performance. What does that mean?

You’ve probably noticed that as traffic on I-5 has gotten worse, our buses are increasingly late. This will help fix that.

Q. How are you going to do that?

Because some trips now routinely take more time than shown in current schedules, we are adjusting the schedules to reflect that. We’re also adding a little extra time at the end of runs so that a late bus will be less likely to start its next run late as well.

Q. Why are these changes in the SIP?

Adding travel time increases the cost for each trip. Say a bus and driver currently makes five round trips; when we add time to that route’s schedule, they will only be able to make four.  Another bus will have to be added to make those extra trips.

Q. What else was in the SIP?

Opening U-Link and adding new ST Express service and Sounder service on the south line.

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