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Combining bikes and transit takes your farther

Scooting and biking to transit are now more convenient than ever

Sound Transit and SDOT designate parking and King County Metro delivers incentives for shared bikes and scooters.

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Shared bikes and scooters - sometimes referred to as 'micromobility' services - are a new and growing part of the transportation system in the communities Sound Transit serves.

They are convenient and flexible transportation choices, helping people quickly and easily get to Link stations or ST Express stops.

However, the occasionally misplaced scooter or bike can interrupt the flow of people walking to the station or even block access for passengers with limited mobility.

To improve access and safety, Sound Transit is coordinating with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County Metro (KCM) on two related pilot projects this fall:

  1. A designated micromobility parking pilot project led by Sound Transit in partnership with SDOT, and
  2. A Bike and Scoot to Transit incentives pilot project led by KCM, with funding support from SDOT.

Designated parking

Sound Transit and SDOT have developed a micromobility parking pilot consisting of 13 physically marked and/or in-app designated parking sites at seven Sound Transit Link light rail station areas: Northgate, SODO, Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach.

The parking pilot aims to coincide with the rollout of the Bike and Scoot to Transit Pilot so that when people take bikes or scooters to Link stations, there are convenient and well-indicated locations to park them.

All 13 parking sites are identified as preferred parking locations via a pinpoint “P” symbol within the micromobility vendor apps.

Meanwhile, seven sites are physically marked using reflective tape and “Scooter and Bike Share Parking” signs zip-tied to poles or staked into nearby planters.

The other six sites are only identified in the micromobility vendor apps.  

A scooter and bike parking area at Northgate Station.

Prior to installation, Sound Transit staff audited scooter- and bike-share device parking within each station area.

Parking data will be collected during the pilot project to identify any change in the number and percentage of scooters and bike-share bicycles that are correctly parked out of the way vs. those that are badly parked or obstructing access to or within stations.

The pilot will also test the efficacy of signage and pavement markings as opposed to the limited provision of in-app guidance to encourage the use of designated micromobility parking areas at each station.

Scoot and Bike to Transit Incentives Pilot Project

With Bike and Scoot to Transit, riders can get discounts on qualifying bike share and scooter share trips to key transit hubs across King County, free mobile transit tickets, and Transit GO Rewards.

It’s green, convenient, and fun! Visit the Bike and Scoot to Transit webpage to learn more. 

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