A helmeted hydroplane driver waits to board a Link light rail train where several other drivers are already on board.

Seafair is here: your best transit options to the action

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Seafair is here!

Thanks to a new flight path for the Blue Angels, the I-90 floating bridge will not have to close.

That means no bus reroutes, extra crowding or delays for trips that travel over the bridge! 

As always, Link light rail is a great bet to get to/from Genessee Park and the race pits.

The Columbia City Station is a quick trip on King County Metro Route 50 eastbound or a short walk or bike ride (Lime, Jump or your own) to the action. 

Half-price Seafair tickets if you ride your bike

And in a new incentive this year, Seafair is offering half-price admission tickets if you ride your bike to the park.

So roll it on Link and cruise down to the lake!

Have fun and pack your sunscreen and patience!

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