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Something fishy on your ride? Text us ASAP!

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After a few months of testing, Sound Transit has rolled out a new 24/7 option to contact our security officers via text from your cell phone. The text line is monitored 24/7 by security officers who can quickly direct help to your location, even if it's a moving train. Here's a few tips to help us help you as fast as possible.

If it’s an emergency call 911 - always.

For everything else, let Security know ASAP if there's anything happening that's making you or your fellow riders uncomfortable or unsafe.

Text the Sound Transit Security Desk 

Call or text Sound Transit Security at (206) 398-5268. 

You can also email the security desk at

Important details to include in text

  • If you're on a Link light rail train, include the car number of the train you are riding in. It's located high on the walls at either end of the train. You can also find it on the outside of the train on the front of the car.
  • Include what direction you’re headed in and the closest stop.
  • Describe what is happening.

Here's an example of a good text to the Security desk:

"I'm riding Link northbound from SODO Station in car 115A and it looks like somebody spilled something all over the seats in the middle section." 

That gives our Security team everything they need to know to check it out or to let our Operations folks know a car needs their attention.

The text, email and phone lines are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remember, Sound Transit trains, buses and stations are hate-free zones. No harassment, no hassles. Period. If anyone is making you or another rider feel unsafe, let us know. 

More security tips 

  • Save Security’s phone number in your contacts for quick and easy access: (206) - 398-5268.
  • Don’t wait! Contact Security in real time so they can address an incident as it happening.
  • Car numbers are key. They help Security identify exactly where the incident is happening to send help if needed.
  • Emergency intercom buttons are also on every train and at the Link platforms. Push for help at any time to alert the train operator about an emergency.  The buttons are located in the center of the platforms and above the fold-down seats on the trains.  

At Sound Transit, your safety is our top priority. Uniformed Sound Transit Police and Security officers patrol our trains and stations and Fare Enforcement Officers make sure riders pay their fares. And you too can play an important role in keeping our system safe by being our eyes and ears when we're not there. 

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