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Sound Transit in the News: News From the Transit/Transportation Universe by Matthew Johnson December 15, 2017

Sound Transit expanding Parking Permit Program

WSDOT data show roads are getting worse. We have an idea for how to avoid (spoiler, it's transit!)

Sound Transit orders new Tacoma Link cars

Northend riders will soon get some relief as Sound Transit okays Bus-on-Shoulder I-5 lanes to speed transit

In Bellevue Sound Transit installs its first girders for East Link Light Rail (video)

Sounder game day trains to run Sunday for Seahawks game - Come'on Hawks, we gotta do this!

Seattle Approves ST3 Partnering Agreement

Sound Transit Board Member and City of Seattle Council Member Rob Johnson joined the Seattle Transit Blog Podcast and discussed ST3 & car tabs

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Publish Date: 
Friday, Dec 15, 2017 - 2:45 pm