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ST Spotlight: Bikes on board

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Bikes are welcome on Sound Transit trains and buses, but room is limited. We only have space for a certain number of bicycles (see below). It’s a safety thing. In an emergency evacuation, for example, the doors can’t be blocked by bikes.

We also have restrictions on the types of bicycles you can bring on board. You can only board with single-seat, two-wheel bicycles, including electric-assist bicycles. We can't allow oversized, cargo, tandem or fueled bicycles (including motorbikes and mopeds) and trailers. Bicycles with solid wheels are not permitted in our bus bike racks.

Bicycle parking is available at all Sound Transit facilities. To find out more about lockers and cages, visit our bike page.

Here’s a quick rundown on the bike limits per vehicle:

Link light rail--Maximum of four bicycles per car, two hanging from hooks, two standing.
Tacoma Link light rail--Maximum of four bicycles per car. All bicyclists must stand holding their bicycle.
Sounder commuter rail--Four bicycles per car, two tied down and two standing.
ST Express buses—Racks outside at the front of the buses have space for two or three bicycles.

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