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Stand Up 4 Transportation: Federal investments key to increased regional mobility

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Thanks to our strong partnerships with the federal government, Sound Transit is operating and building fast, reliable travel options via light rail that move millions every year.

That's why the Sound Transit Board of Directors joined transit and transportation agencies across the nation to call on Congress to continue supporting federal transportation funding and Stand Up 4 Transportation.

See the letter from our Board to US Senator Patty Murray, D-WA, and the rest of the delegation here.

Sen. Murray played a key role in securing $500 million in federal funding for the Central Link light rail line and another $813 million for the University Link light rail extension - about $150 million under budget and six to nine months ahead of schedule.

As our region continues to grow, federal investments will be more vital than ever for Sound Transit to expand the regional light rail system. We thank our incredible advocates in Congress and look forward to continued partnerships that will keep our region moving. 

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