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A man stands between a Link train and an elevator on the platform of a train station.

Staying safe around trains, tracks and crowds

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Keeping you safe on board has been a Sound Transit value from the beginning – and an even stronger focus over the past year and a half.

As we get ready to open three new Link light rail stations at U District, Roosevelt and Northgate on Oct. 2, we wanted to remind passengers about how to stay safe while traveling. 

And it's perfect timing, because Sept. 20-26 is Rail Safety Week

Whether you're an expert transit user or planning a trip for the first time, take some time to review these tips: 

Platform Safety

Please be aware of your surroundings on our train platforms. The yellow strip on the edge of the platform is to keep you safe - stay behind it until you are boarding the train.

Two people stand in front of a Link train.
Stay behind the yellow line while waiting for your train.

If you’re traveling with kids, keep them close to you and make sure they aren’t running or playing on the platforms.  

And if your trip takes you to one of our at-grade stations, please obey the signals when you’re crossing the tracks.

Always remember that trains run on both tracks, so another train could be coming!

All Aboard

We know that safety is much more than a physical feeling. To ride confidently, psychological safety is just as important. 

All people are welcome on trains and buses. Hate and harassment are not.

Our “All Aboard” campaign aims to address acts of racism and harassment, and to help all riders feel welcome and supported while using our service.

A Link train is wrapped in an advertisement that reads: "Care for all. Hate for none. All aboard."
Transit is for everyone.

And we want riders to know what steps they can take if they feel unsafe or if they experience or witness harassment - or any safety concern. 

Our security desk is staffed 24/7. Save their number in your phone, and call or text any time: 206-398-5268.

As always, call 911 in an emergency.

Mask Up

We can't wait to welcome everyone to the three new light rail stations. 

Please remember that masks are still required on trains and buses - while you're riding and while you're waiting at a station or stop. 

A man wearing a white backwards baseball hat and black face mask looks out the window of a Link train.
Thanks for wearing your mask onboard (regardless of vaccination status).

And if you're getting a COVID-19 vaccine, you can ride Link for free to your appointment.

As we have throughout this pandemic, let's keep working together to keep each other safe. 

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