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Summertime, when the 1 Line is your best bet to/from the airport

Remember, luggage goes under your seat or in storage area!

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Summer is a busy season for 1 Line light rail trains with more tourists and other infrequent riders travelling between downtown and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

But busy doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable.

Following a few simple tips will make it easier for everyone to enjoy their ride to or from the airport or the stadium this summer.

Note, there is planned maintenance happening on the 1 Line from July 11 - July 24 and from Aug. 22 to Sept. 4 that will impact train service.

Traveling to/from the Airport

Whether you're headed off to your family reunion from SEA or into Seattle from the airport, Link light rail is your best bet to avoid traffic, parking hassles and expensive cab or rideshare trips.

The trip by train takes about 38 minutes to downtown Seattle and costs adults $3. 

Here's a quick video with everything you need to know! Bon voyage!

The airport also offers a free shuttle that runs every five to 10 minutes (with room for luggage) for those who need it.

Be courteous

Don’t be a seat hog. Put your luggage or packages on your lap or under your seat.

Seats are for butts, not bags.

Do not stow your luggage in the area with the fold-down seats designated for people in wheelchairs or mobility devices. That's just rude. 

Seats are for butts, not bags

Remove your backpack and set it between your feet.

This frees up space for everybody and allows you to avoid nasty stares and accidentally hitting the rider behind you.

Don’t huddle near the door. This creates a jam with passengers trying to board or get off.

Please move to the middle and end sections of the train. You’ll have plenty of time to get off at your stop.

Use your headphones. Your fellow passengers thank you.

Wait until everyone is off before boarding. This eliminates a jam-up at the door.

Tickets - pay with your phone! 

The easiest way to pay your Link fare is with an ORCA card. Tap on, tap off and you’re good to go.

But visitors and infrequent riders may opt for the new Transit GO Ticket app.

It’s available for Apple, Android and Microsoft phones and lets you use your phone to buy tickets instead of waiting in line.

Check out this handy guide for infrequent riders to help plan your trip

Security – text us!

In an emergency, always call 911.

But for anything else, you can text Sound Transit Security if you see something that is making you or your fellow riders feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

The Security Desk is staffed 24/7 and you can text them at: 206-398-5268. 

Save it in your contacts! 

If you are contacting security from a train, note the direction you’re traveling and your car number.

That way we know what train to board at the next station.

The car numbers are high on the wall inside either end of every car, for example 115A, 115B, etc.

Riding with children

Hold small children by the hand on the platform.

Stay behind warning strips at the edge of station platforms.

Hold hands and board as a group so no one is left behind.

Do not block aisles and exits.

Covered drinks (including baby bottles) are OK. Eating is not.

Thanks for riding - we’ll see you on the train!

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