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Today, Feb. 4, is Transit Equity Day

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Sound Transit joins partner agencies locally and nationally in honoring Transit Equity Day, like in previous years, and recommitting to its mission of making public transit accessible and affordable to all. 

We annually recognize Transit Equity Day on Feb. 4, the birthday of civil rights activist Rosa Parks. Her arrest for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger played a pivotal role in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.

Parks’ bravery nudged the wheels of justice into motion and introduced the concept that transportation equity is a civil right. The U.S. Supreme Court later affirmed this, finding bus segregation unconstitutional. You can learn more about Rosa Parks and other heroes of the fight for bus desegregation and transportation equity here.   

Unequal access to transportation continues to this day, but Sound Transit is in a prime position to help transform our region and create greater access and opportunity, more affordable housing through transit-oriented development, and a more sustainable environment. Our network can provide affordable and efficient connections to jobs, food, health care, entertainment, and other essentials of everyday life.

On Transit Equity Day 2024, Sound Transit employees recommit to leading our region's mobility transformation in a way that honors the legacy of Rosa Parks, renews our commitment to make public transit accessible and affordable to all, and continues to connect more people to more places to make life better and create equitable opportunities for all. 

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