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A mostly-blank digital sign at a Link station platform.
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Better information on the digital signs at Link station platforms is coming - but the project is delayed.

An update on our Passenger Information Management System

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It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the status of our passenger information system (PIMS) project, so we wanted to let you know how we’re doing with getting the new system in place. While we’re making progress, the first phase of our rollout is taking longer than we had anticipated.

As a reminder, PIMS is our replacement for our existing Link and Sounder passenger information systems, which are at the end of their useful life. PIMS is a unified system that is an important element of our system expansion.

The first phase of PIMS will be the return of real-time arrival information on Link platforms using our existing digital signs. The project will have several phrases, as we expand the program. Over time, we will begin adding new signs at Link and Sounder stations, as well as at T Line stations.

In addition, we are retrofitting Link vehicles with additional capabilities so that we will be able to be more flexible with our displays, such as showing service alert information directly onboard trains. 

The system will not only function better, but it’ll be much easier to read and provide additional information such as line name and color, out of service train information, and rider alerts.  

That means if there’s a delay in the system, you will be able to get that news while you’re onboard or on the platform. All in all, PIMS will provide riders with more information more quickly, greatly improving passengers’ experience.

By now, we had hoped to be telling you about the launch of PIMS. Unfortunately, the rollout is taking longer than we had expected, and real-time arrival information won’t be available until the second quarter of next year.

The delay is the result of a number of reasons. Our vendor has missed deadlines due to staffing shortages and supply chain issues. 

In addition, as we have been testing the system, we have uncovered an issue that could cause problems for downstream users of PIMS data, such as mobile and web apps, to display accurate information. We need to fix these issues before we can launch the new system.

Our goal now is to work out these problems so that we can transition to PIMS on our existing digital signs on the Link platforms in the second quarter of next year. That will mark the start of a multi-year effort that will see the addition of features and expansion to new modes over the next several years.

We know that it’s frustrating to have to keep waiting for PIMS introduction, and we apologize that it’s taking us longer than we thought.

The PIMS program is the first of its kind for the agency. It’s a complex, multi-departmental effort that will greatly improve passengers’ experience. We want to make sure that when we do roll it out, we get it right.

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