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When it comes to rider etiquette, don't be a monster

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Want to be a fang-tastic rider? Just follow these simple rider etiquette tips so everyone can have a boo-tiful experience.

It's a backpack, not a smack pack!

Please remove your backpack if you are standing. That way, you won't accidentally smack a passenger sitting by you in the face. Your mummy will thank you.

When is a door, not a door? 

When it jammed full of people. Pro-tip: spread out along the platform for an easier, quicker way to board Link light rail because trying to fit everyone through the same door is scary!

To sit or not to sit? That is the question.

Here's the thing, let's save those priority seats for people who really need them, like people in wheelchairs, the elderly, people with strollers, and pregnant people. So leave those seats open and let the ghoul times roll.

Yeah, we hear you!

Unfortunately, we ALL do. So whether you have your tunes cranked to 11 or have an "energetic" phone call, save it for later. Fang you very much.

Things just got escalated.

We get it. Somedays, you just want to stand there and let the escalator do all the work. But for those with boundless energy, let's stand to the right so they can get by without saying "Boo!"

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