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Bruce Gray

The native Hoosier joined Sound Transit in 2003 after getting laid off from his technical writing job at Adobe Systems during a tech downturn. Prior to that he reported for the Associated Press.  Formerly a Sound Transit spokesperson, he now manages Sound Transit’s social media channels. The 17-year Columbia City resident rides Link to work as much as possible and spends his spare time playing soccer, skiing, camping and keeping up with two daughters.

Why doesn't Link light rail use turnstiles?

Much like we assume Peter Dinklage can't go to a dinner party without being asked about dragons and crossbows, one of the most common questions we get is, "Why don't the Link trains use turnstiles* like ...

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Crossing Lake Washington

East Link light rail employs cutting-edge technology to cross I-90 floating bridge (Editor's note: Popular Science Magazine recently named the the technology behind running trains across a floating bridge ...

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Going underground - East Link light rail moving forward under downtown Bellevue

Regional media visited the East Link project this week to see the mining operations beneath downtown Bellevue where light rail trains will run in 2023. The mining is going well with about 700 feet of the ...

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Celebrate 18 years of ST Express bus service!

Today we thank all of our ST Express bus riders for 18 happy years of service! It was on this day in 1999 that the now-ubiquitous blue and white buses first rolled out in King, Pierce and Snohomish ...

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Dig it: Bellevue light rail tunnel update

Sound Transit contractors began mining the new light rail tunnel under downtown Bellevue in February. They started at roughly Main Street and 112th Avenue Northeast and are about 500 feet into their 2000 ...

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Link to air conditioning, pools and "cooling centers"

Yep, it's hot out there and it looks like it's going to stay hot for awhile.  And besides the heat frying our Pacific Northwestern internal thermostats, we're being hotboxed by wildfire smoke from our ...

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