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Reserved parking: Sound Transit and King County Metro want your feedback on paid parking permits for solo drivers

(This post has been updated to show the latest outreach efforts kicking off for solo parking permits at select Sound Transit facilities.) Sound Transit and King County Metro are kicking off outreach ...

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Shifting train lengths on Sounder North to meet demand

Sounder North riders will see a shift in train lengths starting this afternoon (2/9) to meet increases in ridership on select trips and to better distribute seats across the four round trips. Two trips that ...

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Rails on the way for Northgate tunnels

Last year was a busy one for the 4.3-mile light rail extension from the University of Washington Station to the Northgate neighborhood north of downtown Seattle. Workers put in almost 1 million hours of ...

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Sound Transit in the News: 19 Minutes

Seattle is leading the nation is transit ridership growth. SDOT dives into the numbers. A lot has changed over the last 10 years. Link is one of the big ones. Excited about West Seattle or Ballard Link? ...

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Sound Transit in the News: Happy New Year!

We'll be running Link until 2 a.m. New Years Eve (or is it New Years Day at that point?), so make good choices and have a Happy New Year! Meanwhile or friends at King County Metro and the Seattle Streetcar ...

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2017 look back: Every picture tells a story

It seems like a long time ago that we kicked off 2017 but as the year draws to a close, we here at The Platform thank all our loyal readers of this fledgling “blog.” We got off to a good start and are ...

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