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Sound Transit filming & photography guidelines

Sound Transit provides bus and rail service throughout Puget Sound. Since Sound Transit is an integral part of the region’s image, its facilities and vehicles are often featured in films, videos and print advertising.

Filming and photoshoots are permitted at many Sound Transit facilities; however, please contact Sound Transit's filming representative to discuss your particular needs as restrictions may apply. Sound Transit is happy to discuss your filming needs and if the station, day or time is not available to you, suggest an alternative.


All requests for filming or photoshoots on a train, or at a station, must have final approval by Sound Transit the week before you are filming/shooting. Track access permits are issued on the Friday prior to work.

To begin your request, submit the scope of your project via the application form. All details must be finalized in order to process your request and to make sure the work can be accommodated in compliance with Sound Transit's regulations and safety requirements.

The use of Sound Transit property by Licensee's Production Crew is conditioned upon receipt by Sound Transit of Certificate of Insurance, approved permit(s), payment and signed contract at least 72 hours prior to filming.

For questions or more information contact:
Lauren Albert, Marketing & Events Specialist


A check payable to Sound Transit shall be submitted 72 hours before the start of production. See below for fee schedule.

Insurance requirements

Producer must obtain and maintain the following insurance at its own cost during the production event: General Liability Insurance for bodily injury including death, personal injury and property damage coverage, utilizing insurers and coverage forms acceptable to Sound Transit, in the minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate, and automobile liability with a minimum of $1,000,000 combined single limit naming the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority as an additional insured. Producer must provide Sound Transit with a certificate of insurance as evidence of the Producer’s current liability insurance for the Project. Producer must provide evidence of such insurance as soon as possible, but no later than the date provided above. Filming may not commence until such certificate of insurance is provided to Sound Transit.

Filming guidelines

Sound Transit, transit in general and Sound Transit employees or agents, may not be shown in a disparaging manner in the production. Nudity is not allowed.

Sound Transit employees will not be used in the production, if Sound Transit employees are included in the final version incidentally, the production must obtain releases from said employees prior to release.

The production will be solely responsible for obtaining all required releases and consents for the reproduction or use of any signs, displays, trademarks, service marks, trade names, artwork, posters, wall hangings or any other intellectual property recorded by or appearing in the production.

Sound Transit owns trademark rights to its logo. Permission for use can be granted as part of a contract, any other use of a Sound Transit logo requires Sound Transit's approval and written consent.

Public art at Sound Transit facilities

Artists retain all rights to the artwork and art must to be licensed separately. A listing of Sound Transit artwork and artist contact information is available upon request.

Photography guidelines

  • Only permissible in public areas, proof of fare required in marked fare required areas (station platforms of all rail stations and on board Link, Sounder and ST Express vehicles)
  • No commercial photography without prior authorization and consent from Sound Transit
  • Hand held equipment only, no tripods are permitted
  • No flash photography, especially into oncoming transit vehicles (rail or bus)
  • Photography must not interfere with passenger safety or movement at any time


Train station platform, mezzanine and/or escalators

  • $1,500 for minimum of 3 hours
  • $500 for each additional hour
  • Plus personnel cost

Train station platform, mezzanine and/or escalators preparation work

  • $1,000 for the first hour
  • $250 for each additional hour

Union Station including Great Hall

  • $1,500 for a minimum of 3 hours
  • $500 each additional hour
  • Plus personnel cost

Still, commercial photography on Sound Transit property

  • $500 for minimum of one hour
  • $150 for each additional hour