Filming and photography
Want to make us a star? Here’s where to start.


  • Sound Transit does not allow commercial photography without prior authorization and consent.
  • Sound Transit employees or agents may not be disparaged during production.
  • Sound Transit does not allow nudity.
  • Producers must obtain releases prior to shooting from any Sound Transit employees, whether their appearance in the final product is purposeful or incidental.
  • The production will be solely responsible for obtaining all required releases and consents for the reproduction or use of any signs, displays, trademarks, service marks, trade names, artwork, posters, wall hangings or any other intellectual property recorded by or appearing in the production.
  • Sound Transit owns trademark rights to its logo, and grants permission for use as part of a contract. Any other use of a Sound Transit logo requires Sound Transit's approval and written consent.
  • Artists retain all rights to their artwork on Sound Transit property. Use of station art in commercial filming or photography must be licensed directly with the the artist.
  • Filming and photography are only permissible in public areas, proof of fare required in marked fare required areas (station platforms of all rail stations and on board Link, Sounder and ST Express vehicles).
  • No flash photography or bright lights, especially into oncoming transit vehicles.
  • Filming and photography must not interfere with passenger safety or movement at any time.
  • The filming and photography request form must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the requested date.
  • A Certificate of Insurance or Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted based on the scope of the project.