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Published date: 05/23/24

Appointing Miriah Barry, Mark Lewington, and Zak Osborne to the Community Oversight Panel to serve a...

Published date: 05/23/24

Authorizing Board member Kim Roscoe to travel to the APTA Transit Board Members and Board Administra...

Published date: 05/02/24 Supersedes Resolution No. R2009-24 and Motions Nos. M2002-48 and M2002-22.

Adopting a System Expansion Project Scope and Betterments Policy and superseding Resolution No. R200...

Published date: 03/28/24

Ratifies the actions and decisions taken at the February 22, 2024 Sound Transit Board of Directors m...

Published date: 02/22/24

Elects a Sound Transit Board Vice Chair to complete the remainder of the unexpired two-year term, be...