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Published date: 02/22/24

Elects a Sound Transit Board Vice Chair to complete the remainder of the unexpired two-year term, be...

Published date: 02/22/24

Updates committee members and establishing committee meeting schedules for 2024....

Published date: 11/02/23 Supersedes Resolution No. R2010-10 as amended by Resolution No. R2014-27

Adopts a policy on public comment on fare changes and major service changes and supersedes the publi...

Published date: 11/02/23

Reappoints Mark Riker as the Labor Liaison to the Sound Transit Board for another four-year term beg...

Published date: 10/05/23 Supersedes Resolution Nos. R2018-40, R2022-27, and R85.

Adopts an updated Procurement, Agreements, and Delegated Authority Policy and supersedes Resolution ...

Published date: 08/03/23

Adopts a Board Policy for the Sound Transit Tacoma Link Light Rail Substance Abuse Program....