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Published date: 10/07/21 Supersedes Motion No. M98-67

Adopting a Passenger Restroom Policy and superseding Motion No. M98-67....

Published date: 10/07/21 Supersedes Resolution No. R2012-02

Adopts an updated Station, Line and Facility Naming Policy and supersedes Resolution No. R2012-02....

Published date: 10/07/21

Adopting the Sound Transit 2022 State Legislative Program and directing staff to evaluate and engage...

Published date: 10/07/21

Fulfilling the requirement of RCW 81.112.040(1) to reconstitute the governing board with regard to t...

Published date: 07/02/21

Authorizing the chief executive officer to execute a second amendment to the Declaration of Covenant...

Published date: 03/11/21

Authorizing the chief executive officer to execute ancillary agreements and task orders within the a...

Published date: 02/25/21

A motion of the Board of the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority appointing committee cha...