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Published date: 10/06/22

Amends section 2.11 of Resolution No. R2018-40 to delegate authority to the chief executive officer ...

Published date: 08/25/22

Appointing Diana Cambronero Venegas, Gabriel Clark, Carston Curd, Lorenzo Frazier, Charlotte Murry, ...

Published date: 05/26/22 Supersedes M2020-23

Temporarily suspending the Board’s rules to (a) remove the limitation that only 25 percent of Boar...

Published date: 04/07/22 Supersedes Resolution No. R2009-02

Adopts an updated Fare Compliance Policy and supersedes Resolution No. R2009-02....

Published date: 03/24/22 superseding Motion Nos. 18 and M2002-87 and the selection process established by the Board in 1996

Renaming the Citizen Oversight Panel to the Community Oversight Panel, establishing the responsibili...

Published date: 01/27/22

A motion of the Board of the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority updating committee chair...