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Published date: 10/07/21 Supersedes Resolution No. R2012-02

Adopts an updated Station, Line and Facility Naming Policy and supersedes Resolution No. R2012-02....

Published date: 06/28/18 Supersedes Resolution No. R7-1

Amending rules and procedures to implement the Washington State Environmental Policy Act and superse...

Published date: 06/22/17

Adopting guidelines for Access Enhancement Partnering Agreements with the Cities of Seattle, Shoreli...

Published date: 09/24/15 Superseded by Resolution No. R2018-27

Approving a program design for the parking permit program to manage Sound Transit-operated parking f...

Published date: 10/13/05

(1) Amending Sound Move to create two new projects, Rainier Avenue/Hardie Avenue Circulation and Tra...