Learn about potential investments in the Sounder South line

Online open house for expanding Sounder South capacity starts Jan. 23

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Sounder has provided reliable, traffic-free service for Puget Sound residents for nearly 20 years. As highway congestion has more than doubled across the region, commuters are looking for other transportation options. That's why Sounder South ridership has grown nearly 30% since 2014. During the peak commute, each train carries an average of 875 passengers.

The Sound Transit 3 (ST3) measure approved in 2016 provided funding for capital improvements on Sounder South. To meet growing demand over the next decade Sound Transit is considering lengthening trains and platforms to carry up to 40 percent more passengers; potentially adding weekday trips and station improvements to accommodate longer trains and more riders. In addition to investments in capacity expansion, we are also planning to extend Sounder service to Tillicum and DuPont by 2036.

The first step is to create a strategic plan to define which expansion projects best support anticipated ridership growth and meet our future capacity needs. The Sound Transit Board of Directors will initiate planning for the first round of projects this spring. Sound Transit estimates completing all expansion improvements by 2036.

Starting January 23, Sound Transit is seeking public input on the Sounder South Strategic Development and Implementation Plan through an on-line open house that will run through February 6. This plan will guide our work to meet the future demand for Sounder South service.

Visit www.soundtransit.org/sounder-capacity to view our online open house, learn more about the project or sign up for project updates.