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Significant service disruptions for Link riders start on August 12

Track repair work at S. Royal Brougham Way from August 12-20 will include shuttle buses, longer headways and forced transfer. Platform work at Othello/Rainier Beach stations August 21-September 17 will require single tracking and less frequent service

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Link 1 Line riders should prepare for two service disruptions from August into September as the agency undertakes essential maintenance work to ensure the state of good repair of the light rail system.

The first, and more significant, service disruption will begin Saturday, Aug. 12, and last through Sunday, Aug. 20. During this time, 1 Line service will undergo several phases of disruption to allow crews to work on the tracks at the S. Royal Brougham Way crossing. Details about the service disruption are available at

As a result of this work, S. Royal Brougham Way will be closed to vehicle traffic between 4th and 6th Avenues S. from the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 9, reopening to traffic the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 23. (This is longer than the Link service disruption to allow for preparation for the work and to allow roadway concrete to cure afterwards.) Pedestrian travel along S. Royal Brougham Way will be maintained.

The second service disruption will start on Monday, Aug. 21, and continue through Sunday, Sept. 17. During this period, work crews will replace the tiles and concrete substructure on the Othello and Rainier Beach platforms. Because of this work, trains will single track through the Othello and Rainier Beach stations, and trains will run every 12 minutes systemwide.

“All operating systems require repairs and maintenance, and Sound Transit prioritizes scheduling as much of this work as possible during non-service and lower ridership times such as winter months to minimize impacts to our riders. When we must disrupt service for needed work on our infrastructure, such as with the coming work which must be done in the dry season over a prolonged period, we prioritize scheduling as much work as we can to reduce or eliminate future impacts to riders,” said Sound Transit CEO Julie Timm. “Sound Transit will have our team at the stations and on the alignment to support our riders.”

The track at Royal Brougham needs to be reconstructed due to underlying soil conditions causing the elevation of the alignment to sink. The depressed track area also allows increased high-water buildup on the tracks when it rains. Operations is reducing train speeds through this crossing daily. Reconstruction must be completed during the region’s sunny months due to the stormwater ponding and infiltration issues at the site.

The Royal Brougham project will have several phases. On August 12 and 13, light rail service will be suspended between the Capitol Hill and SODO stations. Bus shuttles will run between the stations every 10 minutes. Trains will run every 15 minutes between Northgate and Capitol Hill stations and between SODO and Angle Lake stations.

From August 14 to August 20, trains will single track between Westlake and University Street stations and between the International District and Stadium stations. Trains will be running on both platforms at Pioneer Square Station, where passengers traveling in either direction will be required to transfer to the other side of the platform to continue their ride. Trains will be running every 15 minutes. In addition, passengers will need to wait up to 12 minutes if they are transferring at Pioneer Square Station.

Sound Transit will have staff available at affected stations during this period to assist passengers. Signage will also help direct passengers. The agency will provide regular updates throughout the disruption to keep passengers informed of construction progress and any additional impacts.

During this service disruption, passengers should allow for at least an additional 30 minutes of travel time. They should also consider alternative methods of transit during the service disruption. A list of other transit options is available here.

The second construction project will have a more limited impact on service.

Work crews will be replacing the tiles at Othello and Rainier Beach stations, which are failing before their intended lifespan due to issues with the concrete below them. Most of the existing tiles are cracked or broken, creating a safety hazard for passengers. While crews will be working from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., single tracking and reduced headways will be in effect during the entire period. The platform closures are necessary for the safety of the work crews.

From August 21 to September 3, the northbound track at both stations will be closed. Passengers traveling in either direction should board at the southbound platform, paying attention to the direction in which the train is traveling.

From September 4 to September 17, the southbound platforms at the stations will be closed. Passengers traveling in either direction should board at the northbound platform, paying attention to the direction in which the train is traveling.

During this time, trains will be running every 12 minutes systemwide. Passengers should allow for extra travel time as a result.

In preparation for the upcoming work, passengers should sign up for Rider Alerts to make sure they receive further information as it becomes available. Throughout the service impacts, the agency will be providing frequent communication with passengers to help them plan their rides.