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Some service to be restored on ST Express routes serving Pierce County

Service levels to ramp back up beginning May 24

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With greater staffing availability to operate service, Sound Transit will increase service on ST Express routes operated by Pierce Transit starting Monday, May 24. The new level of service is expected to run through Sept. 19.

For now ST Express buses will continue to remain fare-free on a temporary basis to enable rear-door boarding to protect bus operators. Sound Transit previously announced the reintroduction of fares on Link light rail and Sounder effective June 1 with special Recovery Fares available from ticket vending machines through June 30 and improved Link train frequencies.

All Sound Transit passengers are directed to wear face coverings consistent with expanded public health directives. Under current health directives customers are reminded to limit travel to essential trips. Riders should also follow social distancing and other critical health guidelines to protect the community.

The changes to ST Express routes operated by Pierce Transit are as follows:

  • Routes 560, 574, 577, and 594 will return to full weekday service
  • Route 578 will return to full weekday service, along with additional trips during the p.m. peak to account for reduced Sounder South service
  • Routes 566, 586, 590, and 592 will return to most weekday service
  • Route 595 will return to some weekday service
  • Routes 580 and 596 will have service correspond to the reduced Sounder Schedule
  • Routes 544 and 567 remain temporarily canceled

A full schedule will be posted online later this week.

Previously announced service reductions will remain in effect on other ST Express routes while Sound Transit works with its operating partners on plans for future improvements.

ST Express routes operated by King County Metro

Routes 522 and 545 are operating on a reduced schedule with cuts to some trips. Route 554 is operating with close to full service with only two trips reduced.  ST Express route 542 is operating with 17 fewer trips, and route 550 is operating with 12 fewer trips. Routes 541, 555 and 556 have been temporarily canceled.

ST Express routes operated by Community Transit

Routes 510, 511, 512, 513, 532 and 535 are running on a reduced weekday schedule that preserves the overall span of service but at a reduced frequency for select trips.

Riders will find more information on the specific trips cancelled at and via rider alerts, which they can sign up to receive electronically.

During the COVID-19 response riders should take into account that electronic resources such as Google maps, One Bus Away and other applications and websites may not have accurate information for all trips, including service reductions affecting other agencies.

Sound Transit remains committed to working closely with its partners to continue serving the public. Efforts will continue to prioritize serving riders who depend on Sound Transit's services, including seniors, people with disabilities, Title VI protected populations (race, color, national origin), low-income and limited-English-proficiency populations. To the greatest extent possible, we will continue to run trains and buses at our earliest and latest normal weekday hours. At this time normal service will continue on Tacoma Link.

Riders should sign up for rider alerts to ensure that they receive up-to-date information about service changes, or visit The language line 1-800-823-9230 is available to provide translation assistance for limited English proficiency persons.