Sound Transit selects Max J. Kuney Company to build station, guideway for the Bel-Red section of the East Link Extension

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Construction to begin as early as this quarter on an at-grade structure, and one mile of at-grade, retained cut and elevated guideway for light rail extension opening in 2023

The Sound Transit Board of Directors yesterday selected Max J. Kuney Company to build the Bel-Red/130th Station and guideway that will serve East Link Extension trains when light rail service begins in 2023.

The $93 million contract includes constructing an at-grade station located between 130th and 132nd Avenues NE at NE Spring Blvd. in the Bel-Red corridor. Trains departing from the Spring District/120th station will continue east under 124th Ave. NE in a retained cut alignment before transitioning to an elevated guideway over the West Tributary of Kelsey Creek. Approaching 130th Ave. NE, light rail descends to the at-grade Bel-Red/130th station. Departing the station, the route continues at-grade in the median of NE Spring Boulevard, turns north at 136th Place NE and crosses NE 20th Street before transitioning to an elevated structure and continuing along SR 520 to Overlake in Redmond.

Riders using the Bel-Red/130th Station will reach the downtown International District Station in about 24 minutes.

The $3.6 billion East Link project extends light rail 14 miles to East King County from downtown Seattle serving Mercer Island via I-90, Bellevue and the Overlake area of Redmond, with 10 new light rail stations serving Rainier Avenue/I-90, Mercer Island, South Bellevue, Downtown Bellevue, Overlake Hospital, the Bel-Red Corridor, Overlake Village and the Overlake Transit Center.

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