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Work to improve bus operations at Puyallup Sounder Station begins June 12

Sound Transit Express 578 bus service relocated for construction

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Work to remove a concrete bulb-out curb extension at the north (Track 1/W. Stewart Ave. side) Bus Bay 3 at the Puyallup Sounder Station will relocate some bus service until July. As soon as June 6, no parking barricades will be deployed. The area will be fenced off on June 12 for the onset of construction, which is expected to conclude on July 3. The project will smooth bus operations at the station and improve pathways between bus and train service.

Beginning June 12, ST Express 578 bus passengers who usually use North Bus Bay 3 will board and exit buses at the south (Track 2/W. Main Ave. side) bus bays. Parking is available at the recently opened Puyallup Garage, also on the south side of the tracks. In-station signage will be provided to assist rider wayfinding.

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