114th Ave NE cul-de-sac closure

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Bellevue Downtown Station bike route detour map

Beginning as early as Wednesday, July 5, Sound Transit will close the 114th Avenue NE cul-de-sac to begin work in preparation for construction of the elevated guideway that will cross I-405. Cyclists currently using 114th Avenue NE will be required to detour around the cul-de-sac closure. 

What to expect

  • The cul-de-sac closure is anticipated to last for approximately two years. 
  • Initial construction activities will consist of site preparation and utility work before work on the elevated guideway begins. Additional information related to elevated guideway construction is available below. 
  • Northbound cyclists are encouraged to use the detour route illustrated in the graphic. Signage will be in place to help direct cyclists around the construction work zone. 
  • Select on-street parking will be removed from the north side of NE 2nd Street to provide additional room for cyclists. 
  • For more information about biking in Bellevue, visit Choose Your Way Bellevue’s bike page which features a city bike map.  

Elevated guideway construction 

Nearly 40 columns will be constructed to support the elevated guideway that will cross I-405 and transport riders between the Bellevue Downtown and Wilburton stations. Typical elevated guideway construction consists of:

  1. Drilling shafts for column foundations. 
  2. Installing columns.
  3. Building the guideway, bridge spans and rail. 

A long-span aerial guideway will be constructed to cross I-405. This work will require nighttime construction to build and remove temporary construction support and is anticipated to commence in mid-2018. After completion of the temporary construction support, work will resume during daytime hours. Additional night work will be necessary to set precast girders for the NE 8th Street crossing.