Construction activity for April 18 - May 2

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What to expect during the next two weeks* (April 18 - May 2):

The locations for the work listed below are shown on the project map.

Crews will continue to relocate utilities in May. This work will intermittently close the intersection of NE 43rd Street and Brooklyn Avenue NE during work hours.

1. Continue building the new pedestrian pathway.
2. Continue preparing the site for a temporary construction office.
3. Begin installing a soil retention wall. Impacts will include noise from the drill during soil removal, noise from installing metal beams, and trucks hauling soil offsite.
4. Begin sidewalk improvements and relocation of electrical service utilities. This work will occur in the sidewalk adjacent to U Manor. Pedestrian access will be provided using a temporary pathway along NE 43rd Street.
5. Continue widening Brooklyn Avenue NE just south of NE 45th Street. This includes removing asphalt, curb, and a section of sidewalk next to UW Tower. Temporary pedestrian detours will occur during this work.
6. Complete stormwater utility work on NE 43rd Street. Involves intermittent closures of the alley at NE 43rd Street to motorists from Monday-Friday during work hours.
7. Complete water utility work on Brooklyn Avenue NE between NE 43rd and NE 45th streets. This involves work from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 19.
8. Continue utility work in alley between 12th Avenue NE and Brooklyn Avenue NE. Involves intermittent closures of the northern end of the alley to motorists and pedestrians from Monday-Friday during work hours.  

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On the horizon (AfterMay 2)*

  • Continue utility work in alley between 12th Avenue NE and Brooklyn Avenue NE.
  • Continue installing a soil retention wall to support future excavation activities.
  • Close the intersection at NE 43rd Street and Brooklyn Avenue NE to vehicular traffic to construct a temporary roadway bridge. Pedestrian access will be maintained during this work.

Schedule: Work hours are typically Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Intermittent weekend work may be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Construction schedules are subject to change. Notifications will be distributed for significant changes.*

Station Excavation

Crews are beginning to excavate the station box , which is the portion of the station located underground. Starting next week, crews will begin drilling shafts up to 120 feet deep using drill rigs. These shafts will be backfilled with concrete and reinforced with steel beams that will be placed using cranes. Once the crews have completed the installation of the shafts, they will begin digging to remove and haul away dirt. As crews dig down, wood will be installed between the steel beams in adjacent shafts. This wood is called lagging. Long nails, called tiebacks, will be drilled into the surrounding soil to support the station walls as the excavation progresses. At its deepest point, the excavation for the station will reach 95 feet below ground. The excavation will be complete in approximately one year.

View progress online at udistrictstation.

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Station excavation at Capitol Hill Light Rail Station