Construction in the Bel-Red area is right around the corner

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Sound Transit is about to kick-off light rail construction in the Bel-Red area near the future Bel-Red / 130th Station. This section of East Link will connect the Bel-Red area to Redmond, downtown and south Bellevue, and Seattle. Light rail construction in Bel-Red is anticipated to take approximately three and a half years, followed by systems buildout, testing and integration. East Link will open for service in 2023.

Sound Transit is in the process of procuring a contractor to build East Link near the Bel-Red / 130th Station. Construction is expected to begin second quarter 2017. Work in this area (approximately between 124th Avenue NE and Northeast 20th Avenue along Northeast Spring Boulevard and 136th Place NE in Bellevue) will result in temporary road closures and detours. 

During construction, contractors will:

  • Widen 136th Place NE and Northeast Spring Boulevard to accommodate light rail in the median
  • Install pedestrian and bicycle amenities, including sidewalks and bike lanes, on both sides of 136th Place NE and Northeast Spring Boulevard
  • Relocate utilities, including power, water, sewer and communications
  • Construct light rail track
  • Restore the road on both sides of the light rail.

Maintaining the flow of traffic along Northeast Spring Boulevard and 136th Place NE

In order to build light rail in the center median of Northeast Spring Boulevard and 136th Place NE, the contractor will occupy space in the roadway. This will allow construction crews to work and maneuver heavy equipment. East of 134th Avenue NE, Sound Transit’s contractor may make Northeast Spring Boulevard and 136th Place NE one-way only to keep traffic moving during construction.

A one-way road through this area would:

  • Provide safe and efficient pedestrian, bicycle, motor vehicle and emergency vehicle access
  • Provide more reliable access to businesses with consistent signage for the duration of construction
  • Reduce average travel times for vehicles traveling through the area
  • Shorten construction in the roadway.

Sound Transit is working with the city on optimizing traffic signals, installing additional traffic cameras and using programmable message signs to keep traffic moving during construction. Signage will help motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists get around construction work zones.

Location of anticipated closures during construction

Map of various street closures and lane restrictions in the Bellevue/Redmond area.

Businesses near the Bel-Red / 130th Station received door-to-door visits from Sound Transit project staff over the past several months. To prepare for the start of construction in early 2017, staff shared information from Sound Transit’s Business Construction Toolkit and existing business resources.

Interested in meeting with a project team member to learn more about construction near you? Email or call 206-398-LINK to request a briefing.

Coordination with services and nearby projects

In advance of construction, Sound Transit’s contractors will coordinate with emergency responders as well as mail and package delivery services, including the United States Postal Service. Road closures will be coordinated with adjacent projects.

Typical construction work hours

Typical work hours in the City of Bellevue are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. Nighttime and weekend work will be required with approval from the City of Bellevue.

Stay informed

Notification will be provided in advance of major work activities and traffic shifts. Learn more about construction at a Meet the Contractor Open House to be scheduled in early 2017.